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What Is It?

Parents each have an independent right to spend time with their children and to parent them. These rights are fundamental and the Courts are reluctant to deny visitation with a parent. In some circumstances these rights extend to grandparents, and to non-related care-takers. Typically one parent has primary or residential custody of the child(ren), while the other has opportunities for visitation with the child.

The arrangements surrounding visitation may range from informal and ad hoc to detailed and precise. Visitation may be arranged between the parents in a verbal or written agreement which may be filed with the Court, or may be the product of a Court order. In either case the arrangements may be varied by any affected partys application to the Court.

Services Provided

Representation in visitation disputes,
Negotiation of visitation schedules and arrangements,
Advocacy for visitation rights,
Representation in modification proceedings.
Facilitation of counseling on parenting skills and strategies in connection with visitation.
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