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A Prenuptial Agreement is a contract made by a couple before they are married. An Antenuptial a similar agreement made after the couple is married.

Who Is It For?

Prenuptial and Antenuptial Agreements are for...

persons who want the terms of their marriage to vary from those which would or might apply without the agreement
persons who want an explicit, legally binding understanding on specific issues related to marriage
persons who have property or other assets about which they want to make clear provisions concerning ownership or inheritance prior to the marriage, including an interest in a family business
preserving and protecting the rights of children of a prior marriage
insuring that in a marriage between persons with greatly differing economic circumstances, the division of wealth does not become the primary interest of the parties in the event of a change in the relationship.

Additional Information

The most common use of a Prenuptial Agreement is to protect the substantially greater wealth of one of the persons contemplating marriage in the event of his or her death, or a future divorce. However, it may also be used to set the terms for decision making within the marriage, such as how do decisions get made about where to live in the event of conflicting career opportunities, or whether to have children. A Prenuptial Agreement can also be used to provide the less well-off member of the couple with assurances for their future security under various sets of conditions.

People often avoid a Prenuptial Agreement for fear of bringing up difficult of contentious issues before the marriage has time to take hold and the couple’s commitment to one another is secure. If these issues were openly discussed and resolved before marriage the likelihood of divorce could be reduced.

Services Provided

  • Counsel on need and applicability of prenuptial agreements
  • Drafting of Prenuptial Agreements,
  • Review and interpretation,
  • Negotiation of terms,
  • Representation in disputes over enforceability, interpretation, or application of provisions in prenuptial agreements.
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