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My practice is built around individuals, not files, or categories of legal problems. I donít run an assembly line. I measure success by the satisfaction of my clients, not the number of files on my desk.

Each case begins the same way: I listen; not just to the narrow legal issues, but to the whole story. Then I work with you to find the right strategy and the right solution... for you.

I donít want a large practice, I want a select practice, one where my clients feel they receive the personal attention they deserve, and where their legal concerns are handled the way they want, with care and timeliness, directed toward achieving the desired outcome.

The feeling in my office is serious, but not formal. I have a dry, sharp wit, and I use it. I believe laughs and smiles are important opportunities for relief and perspective in difficult situations. I prefer cooperation to confrontation, but when the situation requires doing battle, I want to win for you.

I am not a jack of all trades. I want you to receive the best available guidance and counsel in every area of concern, so, when needed, I will recommend and work with specialists and consultants on the specialized aspects of your situation. My practice is my business. My business is serving you in regards to your marriage and family law needs. If you have questions or concerns about how you or your legal matters are being treated, I want to hear about it, and am committed to addressing any service issues or questions thoroughly and promptly.

This sort of practice isnít intended to be the cheapest. My rates are competitive, and I believe they are fair for the service my clients receive. If you ever have a question about a charge I will be pleased to review the matter with you.

Finally, the experience of dealing with family law issues and divorce is never pleasant or easy for those involved, but I feel good when people are better able to move on with their lives as a result of the care, counsel and services I provide.

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