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What Is It?

A Law Guardian represents children in proceedings before the Courts. Children are a special class of persons under the law. They have different rights and responsibilities, although the trend over time has been to lessen the distinction between children and adults.

Who Is It For?

The Court will appoint a Law Guardian, or the parties may retain a Law Guardian, whenever the rights of a child may be affected by a decision of the Court. Law Guardians represent children in actions for divorce, custody, or visitation, and when there are allegations of neglect, delinquency, or where children are alleged to be Persons in Need of Supervision (PINS). The Law Guardian is charged with advocating for the “best interest of the child” and of presenting the child’s desired outcome to the Court, even when, in the opinion of the law guardian, the child’s desired outcome is not in the best interest of the child.

Representation of children in all matters before the Courts.
Mediation and negotiation/referee services among parents and children.
Interviews with parents and children in their homes or other care settings.
Investigations, review of records, and other actions as determined by the circumstances.
In the highly charged arena of Family Court, law guardians are often the people most able to structure a resolution of the matters at issue that all the parties can agree to.
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