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Questions to Consider

Are you, or your children, at risk of physical harm? (If so, call 911 or Contact at 251-0600). Click to find other resources.

Have you had a direct and rational conversation about the problem(s) in your relationship and the consequences?

Is reconciliation possible?
Are you living together or separately?
Have you been to counseling together or separately?
Do you each want a divorce, or is this your decision?
Do you and your spouse have access to separate financial resources adequate to meet your interim living needs?

Have you thought about and/or had a discussion with your spouse about, what life will be like after a divorce?

How will each of you support yourselves?
Where will each of you live?
What will be the custody and visitation provisions with the children?
Who gets what in the way of possessions?
How will you relate to family, friends and existing relationships?
What will your relationship with your ex-spouse and his or her significant others be, and vice-versa, after the divorce?

How will you and your spouse handle the subject of getting a divorce with your children? Is there an prenuptial or antenuptial agreement? What does it say?

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