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Depending on where you live and your specific needs, the following agencies and organizations may be able to assist you in matters related to your family law or divorce situation. Dennis S. Lerner, Esq. provides this list as a service to site visitors and makes no recommendation regarding the services listed here and specifically disclaims any specific knowledge of the suitability of any service or service provider for any individualís needs. The presence or absence of any resource is not intended as an evaluation of the services provided, or an indication of any relationship of any kind between the resource and Dennis S. Lerner, Esq.

Emergency Risk of Immediate Harm:
Tel. 911

Crisis Intervention:
Contact Community Services:
Mary Mol:(315) 251-0600

Domestic Violence:
Vera House:
Vera House, Inc.
6181 Thompson Road . Suite 100 . Syracuse, NY 13206
Administrative Offices

24-hour Crisis & Support Lines:
Domestic Violence: (315) 468-3260
Rape & Sexual Assault - (315) 422-7273

Parenting Education:
Success By 6, Director- Jennifer Sullivan Rost 428-3028

Exceptional Family Resources:
1065 James Street, Suite 220 Syracuse, NY 13203
Phone: (315) 478-1462 Fax: (315) 478-1467

Syracuse Family Jewish Center:
Leesa Paul:(315) 445-0820

Foster/Adoption-Hearts and Homes:
Follow up parenting training for foster/adoption
Tracy Reicher at Salvation Army: 479-1324

Franciscan Collaborative Ministry:
Assistance with health care for families without insurance (315) 427-6439

Literacy Needs:
Working literacy, young children literacy, family literacy
FLAGS: KAthy Byrnes (315) 428-2241 or (315) 428-2211 and ask for Kathy Byrnes

Jobs Plus, Assisting with helping people move into jobs Janice Mayne, Mary Ann Hess: (315) 442-3242

Family Counseling Ministry:
Rev. Michael Heath 637-2279

AIDS Community Resources:
Mary Doody 627 West Genesee St. (315) 475-2430

Jail Ministry:
Melody Homes 424-1877

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