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Choosing a lawyer is a personal decision.

The lawyer your co-worker, neighbor, or brother-in-law thought was the greatest, may not be the right lawyer for you.

Look for a lawyer who has a large portion of their practice in the subject area where you are looking for help.

Choosing a lawyer over the phone is a bad idea. Take advantage of the opportunity for a Free Office Visit. See if the lawyer is a person who you think you can work with, who listens well, and is genuinely interested in you and your legal issue. Is he or she someone you feel you can trust to zealously pursue your interests and objectives?

Consider how busy the lawyer is. How long do you have to wait to get an appointment? Where will your issue fit in the lawyer’s day?

Don’t let cost estimates or hourly rates be your deciding factor. Rates and estimates are typically unreliable as a gauge of what representation will cost, or of how good the lawyer is, or how much attention your issue will get.

Review the Retainer and Client Responsibility documents closely. Are they fair to you and the lawyer? Will the lawyer consider changes if you object to certain provisions?

Is the lawyer reasonably prompt, organized, and presentable? Remember this is going to be your representative.

Is the lawyer telling you the truth about your legal issue, or saying what you want to hear?

Changing lawyers is your right, but it will likely increase your cost and cause delay in resolving your issue, so it is better to take more time up- front to make a good choice in the first place.

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